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ADA 2023

Medfyle Conference Coverage

ADA 2023 Medfyle

Conference Coverage

DAY 4: Monday, June 26

Welcome back to the final daily highlights from the American Diabetes Association's 83rd Scientific Sessions®, brought to you by MedfyleToday.

Watch the interview with Ania Jastreboff, MD, who provides insights into the highly anticipated results of the Phase 2 trial with retatrutide. This novel GIP/GLP-1/glucagon receptor triagonist has shown remarkable weight loss outcomes in the treatment of obesity. Next, Robert Eckel, MD, addresses the question of whether metabolic surgery or lifestyle/medical management is more beneficial for long-term health in type 2 diabetes and discusses the long-term outcomes of the ARMMS-T2D trial after 7-12 years of follow-up.

Our final highlights from this year's meeting include the presentation by Carmella Evans-Molina, MD, PhD, who delivered the Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award Lecture titled "The Ailing Beta Cell in Diabetes—Insights from a Trip to the ER."

The very last highlight is the session on the triple-G agonist: "Retatrutide (LY3437943), a Novel GIP/GLP-1/Glucagon Receptor Triagonist—Obesity, NAFLD, and T2D Phase 2 Trial Results."

Stay tuned for the complete ADA 2023 Medfyle Conference Coverage, coming to you in the next few weeks!



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