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ADA 2023

Medfyle Conference Coverage

ADA 2023 Medfyle

Conference Coverage

DAY 1: Friday, June 23

Don't miss the daily overview from Vivian Fonseca, MD, editor of the ADA 2023 Medfyle Conference Coverage. Today’s pick is the SURMOUNT 2 Trial Results and Potential Role of Tirzepatide in Treating Obesity in Type 2 Diabetes.

This awaited symposium featured talks on the rationale and study design, efficacy and safety data, putting the results in context, and an engaging question and answer session. This practice changing trial in weight management in patients with and without type 2 diabetes found that participants taking tirzepatide achieved average weight reductions of 13.4% on 10 mg and 15.7% on 15 mg compared to 3.3% with placebo.

Watch the interview with Michael Riddell, PhD, from York University and LMC Manna Research in Toronto, who highlighted the challenges of the competitive athlete living with type 1 diabetes, which now represents a significant problem for these individuals and those managing them.

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